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Hi there, glad you are here. My name’s Nils (Mielke)—hence the domain name—and I am a graphic and web designer, leaning towards the latter. With a friend, doubling as co-founder, I do run a tiny, but mighty, design studio called FEUERWASSER in Walldorf (Baden, Germany). My family and I—a.k.a. the Mielke Five—live in Glücksburg (Baltic Sea, Germany).

This is a Public Beta 😬

It’s tinkering

This web page is a labour of love and of very little time. What is going on behind the scenes, can be learnt about on its meta page.

Somewhen in the not so distant future I’d like this to evolve into a little blog, covering my how-tos of web development, experiences, I make running a tiny company, working with sometimes even smaller companies, quotes from my favorite podcasts, net nuggets,…

The feed is already available for early subscription—though without actual content:

Open English feed

It’s working

More than 20 years ago Ralf (Kraus) and I founded FEUERWASSER. We work with our clients, on their communications.

Sounds fun? Find out more (our website only comes in German, though—big, fat sorry for that):


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