Meta info to this website

These mostly free, always awesome, tools help run this wonderful website:

Eleventy: the static site generator

Meet 11ty

GitLab: the git hosting

Check out GitLab (pun intended)

Fathom: the analytics software

Examine Fathom Analytics
Full disclosure: That’s an affiliate link right there.

Inter: the typeface

See Inter’s details

Netlify: the hoster

Go to the Netlify website

Visual Studio Code: the code editor

Learn more about VS Code

This list is not final. To be honest, I do hope it will be in flux quite a bit, because that would mean, I am working the site and learning new things.

Found an error? Well, this is meant to provide something for everyone. 😋
As I myself am rather pedantic, though, throw your findings my way and I’ll take care of ’em.

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