I failed you, German blog posts.

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Here’s to a new era—of posts on this site only being published in English.We didn’t even have a good run, German posts. We’re only five posts in. I am sorry.

Oh no, why only one language from now on?

This is kind of a side project to me. Or better yet the side project.I am having a rough time making,—well…—time for writing posts as it is. Three kids and a main gig keep me on my toes more than I had hoped.

This here is supposed to be more of a relaxation practice. And if it isn’t relaxing, it just isn’t worth it.

In the beginning I thought it would be fun to have all posts in both languages. But soon I realized it is holding me back, really. So,…only one language it is.

I get it, but why English, you bald-headed, German potato?

Firstly, I do almost all of my reading and listening in English (see also post #2, about my favorite podcasts), I spent quite some time in English-speaking countries—Australia and Canada mostly—, and I just love the language. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother tongue, too. To the point of being quite nitpicky about punctuation and orthography. (Don’t get me started on people who use a Deppenapostroph in the German genitive.) But English will also be of better service to others, who might stumble across a how-to piece on my blog.

And secondly, I just recently decided to let my hair grow—all of it—(for the first time in about 25 years) for as long as I can bear it. Let’s see how that goes.But that’s a whole other post, right there. Maybe I will write about it some day. In English.

So, zero German posts from here on out, ey?

Simply put: Yes.If I get the itch and can spare some time, I might start a blog on the website of my business FEUERWASSER. There I might “recycle” some of the technical posts from here, translated to German, and sprinkle in some business-specific articles. That would even give me an excuse to write posts in my working hours. 🤫😉

And what about the feeds?

As language-specific RSS feeds make no sense anymore, there will only be one going forward. And I even managed to make the URL look nicer: